Hello, my name is Phillipe Calmet Williams and I am a Front-End Developer.

Hello, my name is Phillipe Calmet Williams and I am a Graphic Designer.

Hello, my name is Phillipe Calmet Williams and I am a Web Designer.

Hello, my name is Phillipe Calmet Williams and I am a Web Developer.

Hello, my name is Phillipe Calmet Williams and I am a WordPress Developer.

Scroll down to know more about me and what I can do for you and your company.


About Me

I love solving problems and I am dedicated to produce results for my clients. Whether their problem is graphic design or web development, I always provide the tools they need to achieve / improve their Internet presence.

I am constantly learning new web technologies and other design related topics. Lately, I have specialized in developing mainly WordPress sites, many of them with e-commerce or custom functionality that you might need to obtain the best possible results.

While working as a freelancer or inside an agency, I have been able to work with some known brands, such as:

Here is a list of the kind of work that I can do for you and your company:

  • Custom Web Design
  • HTML + CSS Coding
  • PSD to HTML
  • PSD to WordPress
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Design
  • Branding Consulting
  • Print Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress Development
  • ...and more.

To know even more about me, you can visit my profiles on different social media sites:

I am also a Vegetarian, Hero (in the eyes of my sons) and Faithful husband (even when my wife has doubts about it).


Some Work I have done

Here is some selected work I have done over the years:

  • Client:

    Sociedad Peruana de Ortodoncia

    Work done: Re-design and development of new website for the organization.

    Year: 2015.

    Visit their site
  • Client:

    Million Dollar Tan

    Work done: Label design for the "Baywatch Sunless Tanning Lotion" by Million Dollar Tan, an official "Baywatch" movie related product.

    Year: 2017.

    Visit their product page
  • Client:

    El Oro de Los Andes

    Work done: Logo Design, Web design and Label design for their products. Note: their current website is not the one designed by me.

    Year: 2010.

    Visit their site


Buy from my Online Stores

If you want to get cool stuff (and support me), you can buy merchandising with exclusive designs by me, from my online stores at:


What theySay About Me

Phillipe is the best Web designer with whom I worked. He is super dooper creative and original. In addition, he is a good man, like few others. He is a real self-taught.

Percy Llanos

I worked with Percy in an company named Grafimundo – Perú.

Phillipe is an A1 professional, extremely creative and dedicated, it was a pleasure working with him and I hope we can share the shirt in the future. All successes for him.

Eduardo Hooker

I worked with Eduardo in an company named Grafimundo – Perú.

He was great to work with and he has an artistic eye for design. He was prompt and professional and my client loved his designs.

Matt Sherman

I worked with Matt to design Logos for his clients – United States of America.

Very good experience. He is a professional of creativity and offers impeccable service. It was a pleasure working with him.

Fernando Salcines

I worked with Fernando to create the Logo, product labels and website for his company named El Oro de los Andes – Spain.

Phillipe has worked very rigorously at iCrossing as a Graphic Designer, with the level of detail and munificence of the position and always with a positive and willing attitude.

Natalia Valdés

I worked with Natalia in an agency named iCrossing Latinoamérica – Perú.

Phillipe has shown us extensive experience in the digital field. Even though his functions were oriented to the Design area, Phillipe also contributed his knowledge of layout, programming and web development, which made him a very important resource for the team. After his time at the agency, we remain in contact until today, for his continuous advisory services, web design and development; and also, of course, for the friendship we forge.

Raúl Paredes

I worked with Raúl in an agency named iCrossing Latinoamérica, and later in an agency named Cardumen – Perú.


Feel free to Contact Me

Do you want to call me or write me using WhatsApp? Do it to +51 996 559 380. Note: Just in case you decide to call me, consider that I am currently living in a GMT-5 timezone (in other words, please do not call me at 3 a.m.).

Do you want to contact me using e-mail? Send me a message to phillipe@phillipecw.com and I will contact you back as soon as I can (I promise).

Do you want to contact me using Skype? Add me and let's start discussing your next projects. My username is phillipecw.